SS Digital Signage system is a cloud-based platform. SS Digital Signage system allowed you to manage all your digital signage world wide with internet connection. SS Digital Signage system can manage all your digital signage by group, by outlet, by location. It also provide the live status of every digital signage.

Furthermore, SS Digital Signage also allowed you to configure the period of advertisement that you want to show. You also can manage all the images and the video media. Other than low cost, it is also easy to use and manage the digital signage.

Advantages of using SS Digital Signage System:

Live and fast synchronization

Advertisement period configuration

Live status of digital signage

Fast and easy maintenance

Advertising to reach customer easily with images and video

Cloud management of digital signage


Easy to Use Interface

SS Digital Signage is easy to use and user friendly interface. Back-end web based content management allow you to easily create the location of your digital signage, group your digital signage and assign the digital signage. It is easy to keep track your promotion or advertisement.

Digital Menu

SS Digital Signage is the best solution for you to display your menu, attracting images or videos to attract your customer eyes.

Content Scheduling

SS Digital Signage allow you to schedule all your promotion and advertisement period. Scheduling will take your digital signage content management to the next level.

Manager Monitoring & Alert

SS Digital Signage system provided a clear view of your digital signage device status. Live status of report which digital signage is online/offline.

Cloud Storage & Backup

SS Digital Signage system store and backup all the data in cloud automatic. There is no worries on temporary internet down. The data will be automatic synchronize back to the cloud when the internet access is back online.

Digital Signage System

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