Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd, established in 2016. Our objective to deliver high quality customize mobile application with affordable prices. Our development team are specialize in mobile application development in Android and iOS. Our professional service delivered in different industry like Tourism, Radio industry, Law firm, Retail shop, Restaurant, Landscaping, Properties developer, Parking industry, E-Commerce portal, and more.

We strive to understand your business, we confident to develop an ideal and professional mobile application for your business. Implementing the latest technology and genius creativity just to create the best solution for you.

We can customize any kind of mobile application with server integrated, third party API integration, payment gateway and more. We develop perfect mobile application for specific and special devices like card reading, payment and more.

Native Mobile Application Solution

We deliver native mobile application solution. Native mobile app development is smartphone software developed with specific programming language. In iOS we develop native app with Objective C or Swift. Whereas in Android, we program with Java and Android Studio. Native mobile app has better performance and user experience than other types of development such as hybrid app developed with specific UI frameworks.

Benefits of Native Mobile Application :

  • Native Apps Have The Best Performance
  • Native Apps Are More Secure
  • Native Apps Are More Interactive And Intuitive
  • Native Apps Allow To Access The Full Feature Set Of Devices
  • Native App Development Tends To Have Fewer Bugs During Development

Backend Content Management System

Backend Content Management System on your mobile application solutions makes you easy to update your mobile application content, news and more. The Backend Content Management System also come with dashboard with multiple charts allow you to monitor your system in a glance. Multiple customize reports are also available.

Backend Content Management System also provided push notification send latest promotion, news and more to the mobile application users on real time.

Professional Mobile Application Maintenance

To ensure your mobile application for long run. We offer mobile application maintenance to periodically maintain on your mobile application. Periodically maintain on your mobile application is a good practice to make sure your application is working perfectly on latest Android and iOS platform.