Data & Website Hosting

Data & Website Hosting

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd, established in 2016. We hosted over thousand of website and system for customers. We provide fast, affordable cost and suitable solution for different customers.

We analysis your website and data and suggest the best performance hosting & server for your website and systems. SS Hightech Sdn Bhd will also periodicaclly maintain and follow the the usage and performance of the website and system. We will suggest customer if upgrade is needed.

Domain & SSL Certificate

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd provide domain purchases service. Searching the best and your preferred domain name. We also provide SSL Certificate purchases services to make sure your website and system is in the secure environments. SSL Certificate make your website and system served your customer as HTTPS which giving your customer peace of mind and confidence.

Affortable Cost and User Friendly Hosting

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd offer full featured web site hosting with your own IP address and domain control panel. There are no any hidden fees. We provide a variety of reliable web hosting plans to meet your business and personal needs. SS Hightech Sdn Bhd web hosting hosted many small individual business, industrial sites from corporate to small business entrepreneur (SME).

Professional Hosting Maintenance

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd web hosting includes: space on the web to place your web site, web based control panel application so that you can access ‘the back door’ of your site from anywhere, anytime, 24/7, email system with your own business identity, easy access to email on the web or at your home computer, web site statistics report on who views your web site and much more.