Content Management System

Content Management System

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd, established in 2016. We delivered over hundred of customize system to customers. Our solution is totally customize for every each customer requirements. We customize system on multiple industry like ticketing system, ordering system, logistic system, billing system and etc.


Customize Software & System

We offer customize software and system for our customer. Customization benefits:

  • Fully fulfill your own business requirement
  • No unnecessary functions and views
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Facilitate collaboration.
  • Customize every user accessibility of the data and secure your data.
  • Maximize technology investment.


SS Hightech Team have many experience of multiple integration with payment gateways. third party API and even hardware integration. Our team have good experience of multiple integration technology like SOAP, Restful, third party SDK, Google APIs and etc.

Integration make you more easy and monitor everything in a glance. Integration benefits :

  • Optimize business processes, reduce costs and bottlenecks.
  • Leverage the technology and cost savings of the cloud.
  • Integrate legacy systems instead of making costly replacements.
  • Tap into innovation by enabling the creation of new digital assets.
  • Make better decisions with richer insight into an integrated business.  

Dashboard & Report

SS Hightech Sdn Bhd customize dashboard and reports that you needed. We generate dashboard and reports based on what you want to see and needed. Customize dashboard can make sure you can see everything that you need to know in a glance. Customize reports make you easy to monitor your business and analysis.

Professional System Maintenance

We offers professional system maintenance to maintain your system. Keep your system secure and periodically backup. Periodically maintenance can reduce the downtime of your system and increase secure on your system.